Savings Options!

1. You know the source of your income today.
But where will the paycheck come from in retirement? The funds you’ll live on after retirement will more than likely come from your Social Security, pension, personal savings and part-time work. Only a third of Americans are saving what they need to save in order to reach their retirement savings goal(s). Most people that will be relying on their pension to retire, will more than likely have to take a paycut at retirement. Most pensions weren’t made to replace 100% of the income you receive as an employee, it’s only a small portion. So you need to make sure you’re saving enough to protect yourself and your family. Start saving NOW, that way your retirement funds are there when you need them.

2. How much will you need for retirement?
Financial advisors advise most people that upon retirement, they will need approximately 65 – 85% of your current income to maintain their present lifestyle. If they increase their standard of living at retirement, they will need more. While some expenses in retirement may drop, for example, automobile gas and repairs from going to work, other expenses may increase.

3. Your basic living expenses should stay the about the same.
You will still need transportation, to eat, pay utilities and maintain your home. But health care costs and medical expenses, on the other hand, will most likely increase.

4. What happens if you withdrawal funds early?
Keep in mind that an annuity is a long-term retirement plan. There are charges or fees if you take your money out before a specified period of time. However, many fixed annuities allow you to take a 10% of your money without being charged for it.

5. Save at tax time
Any earnings from your annuity grow on a tax-deferred basis, which means that you don’t have to pay any taxes on your annuity earnings, until you withdraw funds.

Do you need another way to invest or another retirement plan? An annuity may be your answer!

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